Beniamino Bilali has been in the restaurant industry since the younge age of 13.
After completing secondary schooling he started as an apprentice in the local pizzerias of Rimini Italy.

At an early age he had a genuine passion for the art of baking and enjoyed designing recipe’s and utilizing old world techniques in the process.

At the age of 17 he entered his first competition in pizza making and earned his way into the semi finals at ‘’Pizza time Bargiornale ‘’ in Genova Italy . The following year he qualified for the finals in Rome which was the top 60 Pizza makers in all of Italy. And the following three years was able to make it into the top 30 contestants in the Montecarlo France event. As his accomplishments and awards continued, it allowed him to study and be mentored by some of the best pizza Masters in Italy .

While working under Umberto Napolitano he has invited to the ‘’Championship of pizza ‘’in Germany where he would win 2nd place three years in a row. After multiple awards under the mentorship of Umberto, Beniamin was invited to be a technical consultant to the pizza school at Coln Germany where he would lecture to his techniques . After his time in Germany Beniamino then went back to Italy to work one of the premier Pizza restaurants called San Patrignano. It is here he would find the time to develop his Natural yeast process that is referred to as Starch Hydrolysis.

He mastered this process and has introduced it to some of the top restaurant guides in Italy. Throughout his career he has spent much time learning and developing techniques and different ways to utilize natural and organic ingredients within his recipes. Since 2003 he has also taken many classes and seminars in culinary schools to keep his talent at the forefront of innovation.

In addition to continuing his education in these culinary classes , he also spends time lecturing at schools and food festivals around Italy .

Currently he enjoyes consulting and creating menu’s for private restaurants along with training the chef’s and cook’s to correctly prepare the dishes.