bB Pizza Chef Consulting. Rimini, Italy (2012 to present)
Owner/Consultant – Freelance Pizza Chef consultant working with restaurants such as 0 Fiore Mio, Faenza Italy. Started from scratch and was involved in kitchen design, menu design, cooking styles, etc. Trained the staff in all facets of pizza production for a period of one year. Each restaurant he worked has a different level of needs. Some are short term chef training and some are complete menu redesigns and updating.

Renaa Xpress .Stavanger Norway . (2015-2016).
Working with bB style sourdough for a natural fermentation pizza dough process .
Using fresh, local, and the most  world excellence ingredients on the pizza.

Berbere. Bologna, Italy (2011-2012)
Head Pizza Chef – Was hired to open a new restaurant introducting sour dough pizzas along with triditional italian dishes. This was a high end, exclusive restaurant with Organic local ingredients. Hired and trained the kitchen staff, sourced local ingredients, worked with the Sommelier to choose the correct wine pairings, etc.

O'Malomm. San Patrignano -Rimini Italy (2008-2011)
Pizza Chef – Master  of the the new pizzeria concept .
Hired to introduce a new way to make pizza under the San Patrignano Community Team
The modern Italian contemporary Pizza. Only natural fermentation of the doughs exclusively  by sourdough utilizing fresh, seasonly and organic ingredients on the pizza. The majority products within a few kilometers of the structure. The  birth of a revolutionary mixture ''Starch Hydrolysis and Gelatinization '' leavenings  the pizza dough only by water and flour without using any kind of  yeast.
Train and support the San Patrignano Staff how to prepare pizza utilizing different and the most  innovative  fermentation technique in the world.

Carmelo Calabrese pizza contest (2009)
First place

Canasta. Riccione Italy (2008)
Pizza chef

German National Pizza Championship (2007)
First place

Pizza Schule. Köln Germany (2007)
Technical informer

Al Gufo. Rimini Italy (2006)
Pizza Chef

C’era una volta. Rimini Italy (2006)
Pizza chef

Bargiornale Pizza Contest. Monaco France (2006)

Carmelo Calabrese Pizza Contest. Rimini Italy (2005)
Third place

Bargiornale Pizza Contest. Rome Italy (2005)

Angolo Blu. Rimini Italy (2003-2007)
Sous Chef Pizzaiolo– Prepared pizza and all ingredients needed for the kitchen. Worked and trained under the Chef and learned the basic skills needed in a kitchen.